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Join us on the fourth Thursday of each month from 7 - 9pm at the Parish House (10 Mill Pond Road, Stony Brook).


This program is an introduction to Native American Drumming Meditation, a spiritual healing practice that is thousands of years old. The experience seeks to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of the human self, creating a state of well-being.

Native American Drumming Meditation begins with a reflection on how humans are an intimate, interconnected part of our majestic, beautiful, 13.7 billion year-old universe.  Some Native Americans, in describing the human relationship to other Earth creatures, say: we are all related. St. Francis referred to other creatures and even celestial bodies as brothers and sisters.

Once participants have been introduced to the sense of human relationship to all creatures, the drumming meditation takes place. 

We live in a time of crisis.  You are invited and welcome to go on a community adventure.  We will support each other on our inner journeys towards God and use this moment to seek new ways to evolve toward greater health and well-being for ourselves, each other, and Earth.

*If you wish to lie down during the meditation (approximately 1/2 hour), please bring a yoga mat, blanket, etc.

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