The Bishop Committee serves as the board of directors of the parish. The members are elected each year at the January Annual Meeting. Wardens serve two-year terms and members serve three-year terms. Wardens and members are limited to a maximum of two consecutive terms. Please feel free to contact any member of the committee to discuss your concerns and/or recommendations for our parish.

  • Senior Warden Daniel Kerr (1/22)

  • Junior Warden Sharon Doyle (1/21)

  • Victoria Almash (1/21)

  • Bob Belford (1/22)     

  • Kathy Donnelly (1/23)

  • Hu Plummer (1/22)

  • Steve Velázquez (1/22)

  • Bill Clark, Treasurer

  • John Nochisaki, Assistant Treasurer

  • Dan Kinney, Organist

  • Victoria Almash, Parish Secretary