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All are welcome to our Tuesday Morning Prayer Service from 8 - 8:30am at All Souls Church.

The Morning Prayer service was created by Thomas Crammer in the earliest Book of Common Prayer in 1552.  The service includes opening sentences, confession and forgiveness of sins, Psalms, readings from Old Testament (Torah) and New Testament, reflections on the readings, the Apostle’s Creed, intentions to God, and concluding prayers.  The observance of daily worship has been part of Christian tradition since the fourth century and derives from the Jewish practice of reciting the Shema morning and evening prayer at synagogue.

The Morning Prayer service is often led by lay people (members of the church that are not Clergy) and Clergy from various denominations often read the Gospel and preach a brief homily.  The service at All Souls will be led by two long-term Stony Brook residents: Dan Kerr from All Souls Church and Don Estes from The Stony Brook Community Church. Dan is an intercultural consultant and college professor and Don is a retired TWA pilot and former Commodore of the Stony Brook Yacht Club.

The Tuesday service will begin at 8:00am and run about 30 minutes.  The early start should allow people to get to work or school on time.  Christians of all denominations will recognize the readings and most of the prayers.  People of all faiths and traditions are welcome to join their neighbors in prayer. Both Dan & Don believe “any day that begins with prayer is likely to be a good day.”  

All Souls Church collects food each week to help feed the hungry at the St. Gerard Majella Roman Catholic Church in Port Jerson Station.  Please bring a can of food to donate if you want to help feed the hungry in our community.  “Lend a hand, bring a can.”

For more information, please call 631-655-7798.

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